A Spore Noob is widely regarded as a member of the Spore: General Section, who is a fanboy, an idiot or annoying to phenominal standards. The main reason for Spore Noobs being looked down on by the senior members of the Forums is because they forget that this isn't a run-of-the-mill Game Douche forum, but an IQ in the double digits is in fact a requirement on Gamingsteve.

Realism Noob Edit

Realisim Noobs are a new breed of Spore Noob, generated after EA decided to make Spore designed for a more Casual Gamer audiance. As a result, everything had big eyes, you could no longer drag bodies to make pictures out of them, and now no longer have a flora editor. This caused an uproar of "OMFG WERES OUR PLANTS?!?!?!?" and the more common "ONOZ SPORE IS CARTOONEH!!!!". Because of this, they have a tendency to piss everyone off, including other Spore Noobs.

Roleplay Noob Edit

Due to the death of the Spore Roleplay Galaxy, and the Birth of the New Spore Galaxy, noobs decide that it is their duty to make the entire Spore Galaxy come back to life by making Retarded threads, such as "OMFG JOIN THIS ALLIANCE", and "LETS REPLACE OUR MONEH WITH FOOD!!!!". I wish I was kidding for the second one. Not only this, but the New Galaxy has made some noobs angry at the very thought of change, obviously thinking that the Old Galaxy is Still Alive, and flame everyone who takes part in the NG, which is ironic because most of the Anti-NG Noobs are only doing it because they tired to join it and Phailed.

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